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2007 Pet Food Recall

Class Actions against Pet Food Manufacturers & Suppliers

Newspaper Articles
New York Times Article 15 March 2007
" Pet Food Is Recalled After Link to Animal Deaths" by Saul Hansell
msnbc.msn.com article 17 March 2007
"60 million containers of pet food recalled"
Sydney Morning Herald Article 18 March 2007
"Pet food recall has owners frantic in US"
New York Times Article 19 March 2007
" Tests by Pet Food Maker Killed 7 Animals Before Recall" by Katie Zezima
New York Times Article 21 March 2007
" Toll From Tainted Pet Food Is 14; F.D.A. Is Focusing on New Gluten" by Katie Zezima
New York Times Article 23 March 2007
" Rat Poison Found in Tainted Pet Food" by Katie Zezima
New York Times Article 28 March 2007
" Who Killed Fido? We All Did" by Deborah Blum
New York Times Article 30 March 2007
" F.D.A. Tests Show Chemical in Pet Food" by Brenda Goodman
New York Times Article 6 April 2007
" 22 Brands of Dog Biscuits Are Added to Pet Food Recall" by Katie Zezima
New York Times Article 3 May 2007
" China Food Mislabeled, U.S. Says" By David Barboza

Internet Articles

US Food & Drugs Administration Announcement
March 16, 2007
Recall -- Firm Press Release
"Hillís Pet Nutrition, Inc., Announces Voluntary Participation in Menu Foodsí Nationwide U.S. and Canadian recall of Specific Canned Cat Foods"

19 March 2007
Associated Press - release
"Feds Tests of Suspect Pet Food Kills 7" by Andrew Bridges

20 March 2007
Reuters - release
"Owners frantic over pets amid pet food recall" by Anupreeta Das

30 March 2007
Associated Press Release
"Ingredient used to make plastics, but no rat poison, found in samples"

SAPA (South African Press Association)
20 April 2007
"Manufacturers recall pet food products"

New Scientist.com
2 May 2007
"Melamine suspected of killing hundreds of US pets" By Andy Coghlan

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