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Intro to (UK) Pet smile Month

The annual Pet Smile Month arrived in September 2006, and a £1Million TV advertising campaign, paid for by Pedigree, Royal Canin & Petplan, started at the beginning of the month. A TV advert, presented by Pedigree, with a voiceover by the Actor Bill Paterson, was shown during peak time viewing. Transcript

See Pedigree Foods Veterinary Q & A which promotes Pet Smile Month, presented by celebrity vet Dr Scott Miller (Blue Peter, Paul O'Grady Show & Australian Animal Hospital) Take particular notice of question 9.

Individual and group veterinary practices joined the promotion of this event. Here is an example of web site advertising in support of Pet Smile Month. Example Advert

If you decide to utilise the free dental check and take part in Pet Smile Month (or a similar scheme, e.g. Pet Dental Month in the U.S.A.), please complete and return the UKRMB Survey Form. to us. This will enable us to compile statistics on this scheme. We suggest you read the survey form before visiting the vet, so you will know what to report on.

To see the content of the 'Goodie Bag' you will bring away from your Pet Smile Month appointment, download this PDF file. Goodie Bag

In View of the News from the BVA in 'Off the Record' Volume 5 Issue 7 July/August 2006, perhaps this campaign would be better named VET Smile Month!

Click on the Pet Smile logo for details given to participatiing vets.

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